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Making Oven-Dried Tomatoes

We can’t really buy anything fancy down here (yes, dried cherries, rye flour, and rice vinegar fall in that category) plus making stuff from scratch is fun, so we (meaning I) make oven-dried tomatoes every week, for sandwiches and pizza.

Here’s how. Take some sliced tomatoes, and squeeze out the part with the seeds. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little brown sugar if you are so inclined. In a few minutes the tomatoes will begin sweating our their juices.
Oven-dried Tomatoes Step 1

All right, then put them in an oven at 200F. After a few hours, the tomatoes’ liquid has evaporated off, leaving sweet, richly flavored, tomato-y goodness.
Oven-dried Tomatoes Step 2


Got a Job

pat_ga4.jpgI got a job in Chile, as a sous chef at the Martin Pescador Fishing Lodge. I’ll be going down there in December and coming back probably sometime around May. So I get two summers basically.
According to my future boss who is the chef, we will be making everything from scratch, since the lodge is essentially in the middle of nowhere. This includes stuff you might expect in an upscale restaurant like pastries, stocks, and sauces, but also some things taken for granted, like bread, crackers, pasta. Also some things I’ve never made before that I’m looking forward to learning more about like making cheese and sausage.

The lodge takes people on flyfishing trips through Patagonia. All the fishing is catch and release. I don’t really know anything about fishing.

I’m also hoping to travel a bit afterwards so if you know anyone in South America let me know.



Cook some potatoes, weave some bacon, crack an egg or four.