About this blog

This blog covers my interests, from food to politics to science to everything in between.
Right now I’m living in Patagonia Chile, working as a sous chef at the Martin Pescador Lodge.


8 responses to “About this blog

  1. hi max hope your well

  2. I didn’t realize all the activities in which you were involved. The blog looks great and I look forward to seeing more about your adventure in Chile

  3. Sharon Zimmerman

    Hi Max,

    Great to take a look at the blog – and look forward to continued updates, and especially pictures. Want to hear more about the food you’re cooking too!

  4. Hi Max, I actually thought you were back in Ann Arbor as I saw somewhere that you were DJ’ing at Eve. Obvious misprint. It’s so cool to be able to see your blog. Mine is getting closer so I’ll let you know. Take care.

  5. Nana and Papa

    I hope the blog stays up and you continue to contribute after you leave Pescador and go traveling.

  6. former guest and friend of your lodge(s). if you hear anything down there from Christian etc–condition of the people/area please post–

    beautiful people, beautfiul lodges–hope all can get through this.

  7. Beautiful blog, Max. Are you Ari’s brother?

    Good luck with this and if you’re over in the Old Country let me know so that we can meet up.


    Debra Solomon

  8. Jerry Anderson


    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:


    Hope you find it helpful!


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