Chasing the Cow

So, from what I gathered, at the rodeo, two caballeros chase around a small cow and then try to ram it into the wall, or get to run in the other direction. I couldn’t really understand the details, but it didn’t seem like that much fun the the cow. In answer to this, my Chilean co-workers said, “Yes, but in Spain it’s way worse.” Touché?


3 responses to “Chasing the Cow

  1. Max, the pictures are great. Tomorrow I am finally going to send a package, watch for it.

  2. the pictures are great! nice action shot. after talking to you about this rodeo, though, i can’t really see the sport or entertainment in this…after all, this is just a cow, not some giant bull. okay, i can’t think about it anymore 😦

  3. love you though, and of course you had to go and check it out!

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