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Announcing Critical Bloggers

Critical Moment, a local independent magazine that I help publish, has just launched Critical Bloggers, a blog that syndicates other radical and progressive bloggers from around Southeast Michigan.

It’s interesting to think of this project as being descended, at least in part, from the Michigan Independent Media Center. Some of the ex-Michigan IMC editors are part of Critical Moment, which is the sponsor of Critical Bloggers. I guess it’s more democratic, in the sense that there is much less moderation of individual posts. It’s also less democratic, since you need to have your own blog to be syndicated and can’t write directly for the site (of course it’s ridiculously easy to get a blog these days). But already, I think that Critical Bloggers is offering some tough competition against what the IMC offered in terms of amazing content. I think that there is also a greater diversity of voices, which might have something to do with the culture of Indymedia and the fact that a lot of the syndicated bloggers probably wouldn’t write for their own blogs and then take the extra time and effort to also post to the Michigan IMC.

This was also a good learning experience for me on the tech end of things, since in the end I ended up doing pretty much everything myself. My usual co-conspirator/web helper friend was too busy to answer my incessant questions and so I had to figure most of it out myself. The moral of the story: WordPress pretty much rules. I was able to set up the site and get the syndication plugin going in basically no time. If anyone out there is interested in setting up a syndication blog, I would love to assist.

Check out Thanks to Josh for the shout-out(s).

Also, now the sad secret is out: BFP posts more than literally every other of the syndicated bloggers combined. So now we’ve got to step it up…


Talking about water on the air

Last Wednesday, rachel and I were interviewed on WDET about a film we have been working on and about the the economic situation in Highland Park and Detroit as it relates to water rights. I didn’t really talk about current stuff in Detroit since I don’t live there, but it was good to get on the air and say loud and clear that water is a human right and to try to expose the fact that many people get their water shut off because they can’t afford it. This kind of thing should be a huge scandal, but of course it’s not, and every year 40,000 people continue to have a utility shut off. In my opinion, we only got the interview because we’ve got a movie coming out. But I hope that the fact that we were on the air spreads some knowledge and outrage about this issue to a broader range of people.

Speaking of which, you can expect to catch a rough cut of that long-awaited documentary posted here not too long from now…

Listen to the interview.



Beans of some sort.


Beans again.

Critical Moment party this Thursday

If this awesome picture doesn’t make you want to come to the Critical Moment party, well, then, I don’t think you should even come. Seriously, though, you should come. We would love to see you there.

The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the editors of Critical Moment would like to invite you to a party to support local independent media! All of you Critical Moment fans out there, now is your chance to support CM, hang out with a great crowd, and have a good time doing it. DJ Shomer Shabbazz will be providing the music.

Arbor Brewing Company will be donating 1/2 of all proceeds from the bar back to Critical Moment.

Snacks, music, and unlimited copies of CM #21 provided.

April 5, 8PM-midnight @ Arbor Brewing Company’s Tap Room, 116 E. Washington St.

  • $5-15 donation
  • free admission if you become an issue sponsor
  • free Army of None poster to anyone who becomes a $10 issue sponsor
  • no one turned away for lack of funds!