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Palestine Solidarity workshop in Ann Arbor

A Workshop with Ora Wise of the Palestine/Israel Education Project

Thursday, November 2. 8:30 p.m.
Michigan Room of the Michigan League, 911 N. University, Ann Arbor

This workshop will provide an overview of the history of Occupation and
colonialism in Palestine/Israel. It will discuss the use of art and
media as tools of resistance and ways that we can take action for

About Ora Wise:
Ora Wise, daughter of a rabbi and born in Jerusalem, is getting her
masters in Jewish Education and develops curricula and teaches at a
progressive synagogue in Brooklyn. For several years she was a media
spokesperson for the national student divestment movement and organized
with Jews Against the Occupation in NYC. She co-founded the
Palestine/Israel Education Project, which facilitates multi-media
workshops in high schools and youth groups connecting the history of
Palestine to struggles against racism and colonialism in the US. PEP is
also working with Break the Silence in the Bay Area, Lajee Center in
Aida Refugee Camp, and other youth organizations in Palestine and the
US on developing a US-Palestine youth institute focusing on art and
media skills. She is also on the coordinating committee of an emerging
international network of anti-Zionist Jews.

For more information on this event, contact Atiya Husain

—Sponsored by Students Allied for Freedom and Equality and Critical


Party against prop 2 Saturday

I will be DJing at this party, which will hopefully raise some money for One United Michigan, an organization that has been trying to defeat Proposal 2, on the ballot this election.

This Fall Michigan voters will be asked to vote on Proposal 2, a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would immediately eliminate opportunities for women and minorities to have equal access to jobs, education and contracts in Michigan. If Proposal 2 passes, it will roll back progress made by women and minorities and thousands of Michigan families. Vote NO on Proposal 2 and maintain diversity in education, encourage women and minorities to enter higher paying fields where they can add to Michigan’s economy, and help communities create democratic institutions that look like the constituents they serve.

We need to get the word out that Proposal 2 is bad for Michigan! On Saturday, November 4, join us for a night of great music and great people at the Arbor Brewing Company’s Tap Room, 114 E. Washington Street, from 8PM-Midnight to raise funds that will help make this possible. There will be a $5 suggested donation at the door with all proceeds going to Michigan United ( Together we can defeat Proposal 2 and continue working for a more equitable Michigan!

Organized by Critical Moment, Students of Color of Rackham, and the Graduate Employees Organization.

Catch me on wednesday nights…

blixxatzone4chill.jpg…DJing at Studio 4 as part of a new night called Zone4Chill. Dj Shomer Shabazz and I will be playing everything from classic soul, disco new and old, chill house, and all types of funky dance music to set the mood. Wednesday nights at Studio 4 in Ann Arbor. No cover and some cheap drinks too, plus video projections by Dr. Ron.

Spanky Wilson

spankywilson.jpg You must listen to this album. Spanky Wilson’s voice—think Aretha Franklin with more grit—crossed with the Quantic Soul Orchestra’s super-tight horn arrangements and J.B’s-like drums…wow. This album is a neo-soul and funk masterpiece. Spanky Wilson and Quantic Soul Orchestra, “I’m Thankful” (Ubiquity).

Let’s get invisible

invisible.jpgWe are now one step closer to having a cloaking device. Scientists at Duke University have figured out a way to make objects invisible under special circumstances. Basically what they’ve done is to take advantage of a special class of material called metamaterials, which have quite unusual properties.

When light passes through matter, it bends. Different materials bend light different amounts; this is called the index of refraction. Generally the index of positive—this is why someone’s face looks distorted when seen through a glass of water, for example. But metamaterials are designed to channel electromagnetic radiation through specific channels. In other words, they are designed to bend electromagnetic radiation in ways that are not found in nature. These scientists have made a metamaterial that allows microwaves to bend around the copper ring that is hidden inside (see picture above).

It doesn’t work with light because the material is limited by scale: microwaves are centimeters in wavelength and therefore easier to manipulate than light, which is around 500 nanometers in wavelength (much smaller). Nanotechnology is not that advanced yet. But not only has a theory been proved, but there is also a working prototype of an invisibility cloak. It’s really only a matter of time until other technologies catch up and we can all have our own invisibility cloaks. Is this good or bad? The opportunities to abuse are endless, but this is the case with all new technology. Actually I can’t really think of a benign use of an invisibility cloak. Unless you are fighting evil. Then I would highly recommend use of an invisibility cloak.

Further reading from The New Scientist,